Produced by EVAMARKOR

Κωδικός προϊόντος: #BTS0014 Κατηγορία:


The painting of the bag is of the traditional island type.

The colors blue and red dominate.

It is painted on sugar colored canvas.

It is internally laminated.


Light blue plastic zipper.

A 12 cm blue tassel hangs from the zipper guide.

A few words about our philosophy

Our philosophy is high quality production with Eva Markor design identity, which will become a rising Greek brand. We follow international fashion trends and create a coherent and modern ensemble for every occasion and every season while providing excellent service to our customers. Our goal is refined quality with the price always accessible to the consumer. Our clothes and bags are a timeless minimalist model for women with special attention to quality fabrics and materials that we source from selected merchants from Greece and abroad.

Produced by EVAMARKOR